White Tiger Gourmet makes its home in the 100-plus year old structure on Hiawassee Avenue in the Historic Boulevard District.

Built in 1905, the space originally housed a grocery store called "Davis House" and served the needs of the then mill neighborhood. This historic building has a cozy, informal atmosphere...making it a unique space to dine and view the work of local artists. 

White Tiger is the former home of Thrasher's Grocery, a place well known in the 70's and beyond for its famous biscuits. 

Ken Manring, a Gainesville Georgia native, attended the New York Culinary Institute of America to become a Master Chef.  After graduating in 2003, he toured the country to work along side some the top Chefs in Vermont, Washington, Nevada, California and Mexico. In March of 2007 he brought his talents and culinary expertise to Athens and opened The White Tiger  Gourmet - A family friendly, affordable restaurant.  

White Tiger smokes its meat daily and uses as many locally sourced seasonal ingredients as possible.  All people are welcome here, whether you have gluten-free, vegan, or meat-centric needs.